Our Patriot Ancestors

Our chapter members are descendants of men and women who risked their lives and fortunes during the American Revolution. They served in various capacities promoting the cause of American independence during the war. We are proud of these brave Patriots. 

Surname             Given NameState of Service        Rank
Adams, Sr.Ephraim NHPatriotic Service
AndersonGeorge VAPatriotic Service
AndersonJacob VASoldier
BaileyMary VAPatriotic Service
BanningBenoni VAPrivate
BarnettPhilip PAPrivate
BeallBrooke MDCivil Service, Patriotic Service
BeallSamuel MDCivil Service
BeanHenry H.MDPrivate
BerryBenjamin MDPrivate
BettsRichard NYPrivate
BillupsEdward VALieutenant Colonel
BlankenbakerMichael VAPatriotic Service
BollingJoseph MDPatriotic Service
BooneNicholas MDPatriotic Service
BootonWilliam VAPatriotic Service
BowenWilliam VACorporal
BowersGiles NCPrivate
BracyThomasVAPatriotic Service
BreedGershom CTCorporal
BrinsonAdam NCSoldier, Patriotic Service
Brisbane, Sr.John PACaptain
BrisbaneWilliamPAPatriotic Service
BryanAsa NCCaptain
BryanNathan NCPatriotic Service
BurchJustinian MDPatriotic Service
BurchOliver MDPatriotic Service
BurwellLewis VAColonel, Patriotic Service
CamdenJohn VAPrivate
CargillJohn VAPatriotic Service
CarpenterJohn MDPrivate
CaryThomas VACaptain
CassidyPatrick PAPatriotic Service
ChamblissJoel NCCorporal
ChapmanJohn VALieutenant
ChapmanNathan VAPrivate
ClaggettWilliam MDPatriotic Service
ClarkIgnatius MDPrivate
ClarkWilliam VAPatriotic Service
ClarksonJohn VACivil Service
Clay, Mitchel VASoldier, Patriotic Service
ClemsonJamesPACivil Service, Patriotic Service
ClingmanPeter PAPrivate
ColeJohn NHCaptain
ConnellyGeorge VAPrivate, Patriotic Service
CousinsElisha MASergeant, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
CrowThomas VAPrivate
CummingsJoseph VAPrivate
Dade, Sr.Baldwin VAPatriotic Service
DelozierThomas MDPrivate
DickeyEdward SCSoldier
DoddJoseph VAPrivate
DuBoisBenjamin NJPatriotic Service
DukesIsaacMDPrivate, Patriotic Service
DunningtonPeterMDSergeant, Patriotic Service
Dunnington, Sr.WilliamMDPatriotic Service
DurhamSamuel VAPrivate, Patriotic Service
DysonGerard MDPrivate, Patriotic Service
EdmandsJohn FloodVAColonel, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
FassettJohn MDPrivate
FitzhughHenry VAPatriotic Service
FostainJacques LAPatriotic Service
FranklinPriscillaMDPatriotic Service
Gaines, Sr.James VAPatriotic Service
GannawayJohn VAPatriotic Service
GardnerBenjamin RIEnsign
GillespieGeorge VAPatriotic Service
GoodeSamuel VALieutenant, Patriotic Service
GoreWilliam NCSoldier
GrayJoseph MDPrivate, Patriotic Service
GreenleafMoses MACaptain
HancockThomasMDSoldier, Patriotic Service
HancockWilliamMDPrivate, Patriotic Service
HarrisonWilliamVACivil Service, Patriotic Service
HarshmanPeter VASoldier
HerndonEdward VASoldier, Patriotic Service
HilleyThomas VASoldier, Patriotic Service
HobartWilliam NHPrivate
HoffmanJohn PASoldier
Honaker, Sr.Jacob VAPatriotic Service
HoweAmasa MAPrivate
HullAaron CTPrivate
HumphreyRobert PAPrivate
JacksonEdward SCPrivate
JarvisJohn MDPatriotic Service
JonesCharles VAEnsign
Jones, Sr.John VAColonel, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Jones, Jr.JohnVAPrivate
KennedyAndrew NCPrivate
KershnerJohn MDPatriotic Service, Captain
KnightPeter PASergeant
KunkelBaltzer PAPatriotic Service
LewisBenjamin VAPatriotic Service
LewisZebulon VALieutenant
MackallBenjaminMDPatriotic Service
MagillCharlesVAColonel, Staff Officer
MartinDavid VASecond Lieutenant
MasseyCharles VAPatriotic Service
MasseyJohn VAEnsign
McDanielAnneVAPatriotic Service
McGlothinJacob NC, GASoldier
MercomJacob PAPrivate
MillerJohn Frederick VAPatriotic Service
MilnerWilliam VAPrivate
MuddFrancis MDPatriotic Service
Mudd, Jr.Henry ThomasMDPrivate
Mudd, Sr.HenryMDPatriotic Service
MusickElexious VAPatriotic Service
MusickJonathan VACivil Service
NidaDavid VAPatriotic Service
Norris, Sr.WilliamVALieutenant
O'BrienAdam VAPatriotic Service
OwensJohn PAPrivate
PaineRobert VACaptain, Patriotic Service
PalmerIchabod CTCaptain
ParrottJohn NCPrivate, Patriotic Service
PeabodyRichard CTEnsign
PiercePhineas VTPrivate
PhillipsDavid NJPrivate, Patriotic Service
PorterSamuel VAPatriotic Service
PotterJohn NJCaptain
PriceWilliam VAPatriotic Service
ReifsniderSebastianPAPrivate, Patriotic Service
RichardsonJohn VAPatriotic Service
RiffelEleanor VAPatriotic Service
RiggsJohn VAPatriotic Service
RishelLudwig PAPrivate
RuckerAnthony VACaptain, Civil Service
RuckerAngus VACaptain
RuckerEphraim VALieutenant Colonel, Patriotic Service
SampsonMaryVAPatriotic Service
SchenckJohn NJCaptain
ShelbyRees NCSoldier, Patriotic Service
ShoemakerZedekiah VAPrivate
SillowayHezekiah NY, VTLieutenant
SkinnerTruman MDLieutenant Colonel
SmockHendrick NJCaptain
SmockJohn NJPatriotic Service
SmootThomas MDPatriotic Service
SpeakeFrancis MDCaptain, Patriotic Service
StampsJohn VAEnsign, Patriotic Service
StrotherChristopher NCSoldier
TalbotBasilMDPatriotic Service
TartThomas NCPrivate
TerryDavid VAPatriotic Service
Terry, Sr.Joseph VALieutenant, Patriotic Service
Thomas, Sr.WilliamMDPatriotic Service
ThurmondPhilip VAPatriotic Service
ThurmondWilliam VASergeant Major
ThurmondJohn VAPatriotic Service
TomsWilliamMDPatriotic Service
VickreyMarmaduke NCPatriotic Service
WaltersRobert VASoldier
WaltersThomas VAPatriotic Service
WaxHenry PACaptain, Patriotic Service
WeaverAnn ElizabethVAPatriotic Service
WebbWilliam VACivil Service, Patriotic Service
WebsterSamuel VAPatriotic Service
WhitehillDavid PACaptain
WilhoitJohn VAPatriotic Service
WilkesMinor VASoldier
WilliamsWilliam VAPatriotic Service
WillsElias VAPatriotic Service
WilsonBenjamin VAColonel, Patriotic Service
WolfeJohn PAPrivate
WoodJohn MDPrivate
WoodMatthew NCCaptain
WrightBenjamin VAPatriotic Service
WrightJohn LugarMDCorporal, Patriotic Service
WrightBazel MD, PAPrivate, Patriotic Service